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Join the Manitoba MINI Motoring Club on-line forum at North American Motoring. (Sign up for a free NAM membership, then go to the Manitoba MINI Motoring Club message board area).

Update September 2011

The club needs new leadership. I am too busy to do any more than update this web site as directed by the new volunteer club president!

Step right up, and I will turn over the keys to the North American Motoring (NAM) on-line forum. Post a message there, and I will get back to you right away.

What are we about?

We are MINI enthuiasts...but more than that, we are MINI MOTORING enthusiasts! After we got the keys to our MINIs, we want nothing more than to drive, drive, drive!

We think MINIs are fantastic, and we know that you do too. So join us...

The Manitoba MINI Motoring club wants YOU.

Or to put it in terms of your interests, we think YOU (as a Manitoba MINI owner) want to be part of the Manitoba MINI Motoring club! We also welcome MINI owners from near-by provinces or states a day's drive or so away to join us...

Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri...or even futher away, if you feel like driving longer than a day to take part in our activities!


The Manitoba MINI Motoring Club is FREE TO JOIN and most events are FREE or have minimal cost. With you on board your MINI, this club will be great fun.