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I'm back on Facebook, at least for the Holidays...the damn election is over, and things are starting to settle down (finally!). What's NOT over is the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Please stay safe!

  • Get the vaccine whenever you can.
    • We have had our second doses of the Pfizer shot since mid July.
    • As for the folks who are refusing the vaccine, please nominate yourelves for a Darwin Award. Also, kindly wear your damn facemask in public!
  • Cheerfully obey all applicable health orders in your area.
  • If you have a recent iPhone or Android device, download and use the COVID ALERT app!

This is not Rocket Science...it's common sense!

If you have Wisconsin roots, maybe the Swiss Cheese model might be worth a look...

More requests for you...

Be smart. Or at least try to be...

How? You have a brain, use it :-)

Make decisions based on fact. Faith is good to have, but blind faith is ... maybe not so much.

Lots of stuff...

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  • A page for each of our wonderful feline companions.
  • Articles I write from time to time when something moves me to bang on the keyboard for fun.
  • MIINI Stuff
  • Tech reviews and more stuff as I get it together for fun.
  • Galleries of photos, with more coming often.

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