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Stony at play

Extra! This poor cat went without his own web page for nearly 3 years. Call the Humane Society!

This charming little grey tabbie is another Starbuck, Manitoba special (like Kaspar was). The name he had as a result of the vet question (it was Halloween 2018 when our friend brought him in to be neutered) was "Spooky". When he first moved in with us, he was very shy, almost timid, and the name somehow didn't fit him. He seemed more spooked than spooky.

scary: the Stone Guest

That aside, our long-standing practice of naming cats after operatic characters brought to mind the very scary character in Mozart's Don Giovanni, the Stone Guest (the ghost of Il Commendatore). So Stoney is his name, and he even responds to it when we call him at most mealtimes.


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