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  • Our Cats
  • DelilahSun_fs
    Delilah in the sun
  • DelilahSun3_fs
    More photons, please :-)
  • DelilahSunPad_fs
    Delilah on her warm pad in the sun (caution: HOT fur!!!)
  • FiggyDoorway1_fs
    Figaro as a young cat getting into trouble
  • FiggyDoorway2_fs
    Trouble step 2
  • FiggyDoorway3_fs
    Trouble step 3
  • FiggyLap_fs
    Figaro on my lap at the computer
  • Kaspar1_fs
    Kaspar looking hungry (as always)...
  • KasparFigaroIntro_fs
    We attempted an introduction with food as the reward for being nice. That lasted, oh, 29.3 seconds...
  • KasparHelpsMartha_fs
    Kaspar helps Martha at our ancient Sony laptop (ugh, Windoze!)
  • KasparLap_fs
    Kaspar on Martha's lap
  • KasparLap2_fs
    Kaspar on Martha's lap again
  • KasparWinter04_fs
    Kaspar's first winter with us
  • RosinaCloseup_fs
    Rosina says "admire all my whiskers"
  • RosinaCurledup_fs
    A favuorite snoozing place
  • RosinaFace_fs
    Pretty pussycat...
  • RosinaProfile_fs
    Good look at whiskers...
  • solarcats_fs
    Rosina and Stoney get some sunshine...
  • Stoney1_fs
    Stoney on cat furniture
  • StoneyBed_fs
    Stoney with his ears in the sunlight
  • StoneyCondo_fs
    Inside the new cat condo
  • StoneySun_fs
    His fur gets warm, but not hot like Delilah's...
  • Bucky_fs
    Bucky the 2017 Cooper S Clubman. Many more MINI images coming soon!



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