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Bucky the 2002 MINI

I've had a lot of people here in Manitoba ask me "what's with the BUCKY license plate"?

No, "Bucky" is not my nickname, it's the car's nickname. I ordered this vehicle to my exact specifications from MINI Winnipeg, and I felt it deserved a special "vanity plate" that honors the personal history I have with the colors red and white...

UW Band Bucky
  • I was a member of the University of Wisconsin Marching Band.
    • The University of Wisconsin's mascot is "Bucky Badger". (At left, he is dressed up like a UW band drum major.)
    • The University of Wisconsin school colours are Cardinal Red and White.
  • My custom-ordered 2006 MINI's colours are Chili Red with White roof and mirrors.
    • OK, it's not an exact match, but do you see a trend of any sort here? <grin>).
  • So what else, would a loyal Badger alumnus name such a vehicle?
  • Hmm???

Funny true story:

On our first visit to Madison, Wisconsin driving BUCKY the MINI, I had to chuckle when we checked into our hotel. After we filled out the registration form, the young desk clerk noticed the description of the vehicle. "Oh cool, you have a red and white MINI Cooper!"

Then he saw the entry for Licence Plate, and said "Oh, are you Alumni?" This wizard got a patented Strieby "over the top of the eyeglasses" look and a grinning "Gee whiz, do ya think?" as his answer.

Bucky II

Actually, we no longer own Bucky. He's been upgraded to a 2017 Cooper S Clubman :-) With the help of some custom vinyl wrapping, the new Bucky now has a white roof and mirror caps, along with the famous licence plate...

Bucky the MINI Clubman

Then a good friend in Madison sent me a photo of this Badger:

Bucky Leckrone! Yes, that's the guy I and a few thousand other guys worked our butts off for in the Badger Band, with his very own Bucky :-)

I can't absolutely swear to this, but I have a dim memory of how Mike might very well have coined the famous slogan. Marching along enthusiastically, I suddenly yelled "OW!" and started limping out of the way of the guy behind me during one of our first full marching rehearsals on the old rutted mud and rocks field we used in 1969 when Mike and I both arrived on campus. Mike yelled "Strieby, what's the problem?" I replied that I had stomped on a rock, twisted my ankle and probably bruised my foot. Mike climbed down from the tower, walked over to me with a grin on his face, and “Karl, ya gotta Eat a Rock” was the reply I remember through the mists of time. The grin he had in the photo here is more or less exactly the one he put on for me. (At least he didn't pinch my ear like he's doing to Bucky...)

That and the famous marching error I made in 1970 became part of band history.

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